Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hair Comes the Bride

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Do Consider your hairstyle when choosing your veil 
Do consider how formal  your dress is when choosing your hair style
Do get a slight dusting trim to your ends two weeks prior to wedding for best hold with your style.
Do get instructions for your stylist on touching up your hair after taking out veil between ceremony and reception.
Do remain practical. Consult with your stylist concerning your style and your texture, climate, event schedule
Do wash  with sulfate-free shampoos/conditioners up until day before wedding. Prevents over drying of hair
Do pack hair touchup kit including travel size hairspray, bobbi pins and small travel comb. 
Do have a hair trial prior to the event day. This will help you know what to expect and ease your anxieties
Do bring with you a must have hair accessory to try with your style at the hair trial. If you don't have one ask your stylist to recommend.
Do schedule a deep conditioning and gloss treatment 1-2week prior to  your event. Especially blondes with dry damage locks.

Do Not make changes to your hairstyle on the day of your event. Your likely to regret both the whim you operated on and the fact that your stylist hasn't had the opportunity to try on your hair and could result in schedule mishaps.
Do Not wash your hair prior to styling. Fresh hair does not hold as well as day old hair. 
Do Not attempt a color job at home prior to your event. Leave this to the professionals.
Do Not choose a style that will overpower and steal the show over your gown. 
Do Not do the veil, glitsy comb and tiara all at the same time. You run the risk of looking like your in costume. Choose one glam detail. If its the veil, replace it with a glitsy comb or flower at the reception.
Do Not opt for prom-ish tendrils that are stiff with spray. Modern styles come from loose natural bouncy movement.

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