Saturday, September 15, 2012

Your Skin and Winter

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Here Comes the Winter! Don't let your face show it!

These products are absolutely amazing for normal to dry skin tones. No sacrificing quality or quantity for the price on this product as it is extremely concentrated. Unlike most cleansers, it removes makeup very well without over drying and stripping skin of it's natural oils. Extremely gentle and fragrance free for all sensitive skin ladies. Excellent and addicting from the first use!
The ultra facial cream is great for 24 hrs wear. It's light weight feel is comfortable and leaves your skin amazingly refreshed and balanced despite harsh weather.
And for a overhaul that will leave your skin the most moisturized and ready for your wedding day, I recommend taking advantage of the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Kit that is designed to cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin. Don't worry both cleanser and toner are mild enough even for sensitive skin.  These products are fragrance free. The scent you smell is simply from natural ingredients.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial 3-Step Set  - $24.50
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I also recommend Kiehl's facial scrubs.

Milk Honey and Almond Scrub $20.50  - Great for sensitive, normal-dry skin. Enjoy a rich moisturizing feeling with your deep pore cleanse. 
Pinapple Papaya Scub $28.00 - This product is as yummy as it sounds! All natural pieces of pinnapple and papaya fruits as well as finely ground scrub grains to leave your skin with a finely polished feel.

And last but not least you must protect that kissable pout with none other then Kiehl's #1 Lip Balm!
This is so non greasy and comfortable I recommend keeping one in your purse and home at all times. Nothing worse then dry chapped lips on your wedding day. Another helpful hint: exfoliate your lips while exfoliating your face. This will help remove dead skin and make your lip balm sink in better. This lip balm is made with Lanolin and sweet almond oil as well as Vitamins A and E.

Best lip balm for chapped lips- bride chap lips-lip balm for bride

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